Yoga is not just about being able to perform complicated poses and movements. It is a holistic approach to physical and mental health, as well as a person’s well-being and personal growth. At its most foundational level, yoga is considered a “moving meditation”. The most difficult part of a yoga class should be making the decision to walk into the room. From that point on, the instructor leads a class through movements designed to instill calm in the body, coordinated with deep mindful breath. The atmosphere alone, one in which students are not required to think about anything beyond their own movement, is often enough to begin to reduce stress and anxiety. Yoga then becomes a foundation on which to build self-awareness and confidence. A consistent yoga practice builds physical strength as well as encourages clarity and calm when experiencing physical discomfort and strain.

“To become wider and deeper and more inclusive in one’s being and consciousness is the aim of Yoga and this is the goal of human life.”
- Swami Sivananda

Teacher Training Courses

Learning to Teach

We conduct 200hr and 300hr Yoga Alliance registered Teacher Training Courses. These life-changing coursesare based on the ancient gurukula system while integrating seamlessly into daily modern life. Authentic and easy-to-learn yoga from the heart of India, this training will build a firm foundation on which to teach others intuitively and with confidence.

The Teacher Training Courses follow a daily discipline, which brings clarity, steadiness of mind and takes your practice to a deeper level. Set in peaceful environments, you will return to your daily life with a deep sense of joy and peace, and a fresh perspective and meaning.

The Kula

Be a part of the global yoga community which is growing each day. Surround yourself with like-minded people on the path to living a vibrant and healthy life. For four weeks, teachers and students closely live and study together– a taste of the gurukula system, the ancient practice of passing down knowledge from one generation to the next, forming an unbroken chain which has preserved the yogic science and wisdom to this day. This intimate way of studying with close interaction with your teachers and fellow students makes for an intensive, transformative learning experience.

Worldwide Certification

Graduates receive internationally recognized certification. We are a Registered Yoga School (RYS) with Yoga Alliance for our 200 and 300 hour Teacher Training Courses.

Yoga Retreats

For a couple of days, treat yourself to the experience of peace and bliss in beautiful locations around the world. Feel your tensions fall away. Rejuvenate, recharge with daily yoga classes, meditation and pranayama (yogic breathing). Additional in-depth workshops on health, well-being, creativity, mantra chanting, walks in nature and swimming are also available on some retreats.Feed your body with delicious and nutritious vegetarian meals to help maximise the benefits of your yoga practice.

Retreat programs are suitable for all levels of students, and you will have the opportunity to work closely with Mani Raman to either learn a new practice or to work upon your existing one, asking questions and learning together in a peaceful and supportive environment with other like-minded people from all over the world.

Some of the programs are specifically designed for integrating yoga into a holiday or vacation. Others are more specific, covering areas of special interest and training. These present ideal opportunities for intensive study, to practice more deeply, learn more, or sometimes even to begin the practice of yoga in a focused and wholesome way.


Unplug Yourself
Experience bliss in beautiful locations around the world.
Feel your stresses fall away.
Rejuvenate, recharge with daily yoga classes, meditation and pranayama
Feed your body with delicious and nutritious vegetarian meal

Yoga Courses

Immerse Yourself

You are new to yoga and curious to discover its benefits? You cannot take a long vacation or attend the courses outside your location? Mani Raman’s Yoga courses are specifically designed to deepen your understanding of yoga as a holistic lifestyle, touching on different subjects and finding your purpose.

We design courses for individual or small groups or anyone looking to renew their practice and grow in depth. This course provides a complete introduction to yoga, including: asanas, philosophy, diet, self management and well being. These courses give the opportunity to build up a solid practice and an ideal refresher class for those who have lapsed in their practice. It is also suitable for experienced practitioners who are in search of deeper meaning.

The goal is to transfer these integral personal experiences and the knowledge gained into our daily and professional lives. Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a certificate of participation stipulating the number of practice/study hours in the course.


We Design for you
Essence of Yoga in Nutshell Helping you to lead a Healthy life Adopting your Needs Teaching at your place

Yoga Workshops

Workshops are an intimate and in-depth way to explore your unique needs and goals through intelligently designed and customised sessions. Mani Raman offers workshops on a wide range of subjects, introducing you to or deepening your practice of an integral, traditional system of yoga. Assisted stretching, breathing techniques and adjustments may be incorporated to help you find your optimal alignment in each pose through the use of a traditional, exact, and easy-to-learn yoga system that aims at naturally revealing a healthy body and mind that leads to spiritual evolvement.

Yoga workshops will address your unique physical condition and will help you, for example to regain strength and flexibility after an injury, or to initiate a lifestyle change by understanding the deeper meaning of your life situation through yogic philosophy.


Growing Your Practice
Master a Pose
Working with Injury
Restore & Relax
Breathe and Meditate
Align & Flow
Strengthen & Balance
Philosophize & Harmonize


Yoga of Recovery

Yoga of Recovery is a holistic integrative therapy combining the wisdom of Yoga, Meditation, and Ayurveda with the tools of 12-Step Recovery. It is open to all who are looking to overcome self-destructive or addictive tendencies. The Ayurvedic consultation allows you to determine what kinds of activities and changes in your lifestyle can best help you restore balance in mind and body. Simple, practical methods are taught such as proper daily and seasonal routines. You’ll learn ways to revitalize your body’s systems and boost your immune system giving you a strong foundation in health to face the challenges and stresses of daily life without relapsing into old addictive behaviors. You will fully understand the root of the problem and the holistic approach, extended from limited understanding of substance abuse/behavioral problems to be treated with asana alone, to a full range of therapies for mind, body and spirit from these powerful healing modalities.


“What a person strongly believes in, that he experiences and that he becomes. The whole world is a product of faithful imagination. If you have no faith in the world, the world does not exist. If you have no faith in sensual objects, they will not give you pleasure. If you have no faith in God, you will never reach perfection. Wrong faith turns even existence into non-existence.”
- Swami Sivananda

Corporate Yoga Classes

Offering your employees classical yoga and meditation in the workplace

Today, many illnesses are the result of work-related stress andfatigue. In addition to calming the mind, regular yoga practice hasbeen shown to positively influence the immune system and tostrengthen the body’s natural defense mechanisms. Another common ailment of today’s work life is chronic back pain dueto the many hours spent slouching in office chairs.  Read More


Why not take your employees on a 1/2 day, 1 day, or longer yoga retreat?


Yoga in the Workplace
Location - Flexible!
Time- Flexible!
Before work, during lunch, or after working hours Group Size- Flexible!
We can accommodate small or large groups.
Program- Flexible!
We customize classes to suit you.

Prison Projects

Most prisoners suffer from Complex Trauma, chronic interpersonal trauma experienced early in life such as abandonment, hunger, homelessness, domestic violence, sexual abuse, bullying, discrimination, drug and alcohol abuse, and witnessing crime - including murder. These experiences, imprinted by the terrifying emotions that accompany them, are held deeply in the mind, and perhaps more importantly, in the body, with the dissociative effects of impulsive/reactive behavior, and tendencies toward drug and alcohol addiction as well as violence. Carrying unresolved trauma into their lives impacts everything they do, often landing them in prison, where they experience even more trauma.

Yoga enriched with mindfulness practicescan have more impact in alleviating the symptoms that lead to both reactive behaviors and stress related disease. Yoga, taught specifically as a mindfulness practice, is very effective in releasing deeply held, unresolved trauma, allowing us to address the resultant behavioral issues.Yoga as a mindfulness practice is our tool for reengaging prisoners with their bodies to restore the connection between mind, heart and body. We use a trauma-informed practice to develop the whole person, increase sensitivity toward oneself and empathy for others. By putting men and women back in touch with their bodies, they begin to care more about themselves and understand the harm they have caused to themselves.  Read More


“There is something good in all seeming failures. You are not to see that now. Time will reveal it. Be patient.”
- Swami Sivananda